Friday, September 16, 2011

Not-so-secret Admiration

Just because there's a book in LongaBOOKo isn't the only reason I sometimes like to plop the ol' tuckus in my easy chair (though with my back, it's not so 'easy' to plop back up these days!) and 'chillax' (chill + relax) with a nice thick hardback in my hands.

Today I'd like to give a 'shout out' to one of my all time faves, Dave Barry. This guy is hilarious! I don't know how many times he has me 'LMFAO' (laughing my Fatty Arbuckle off) with one of his patented 'bon mots' (is that French for "Barryism"? ";)").

So if you ever happen to walk by the window to my den and peer in (and not just because you're my crazy mother-in-law spying on me again) (I keed, I keed!) and wonder why I'm laughing out loud all by myself, now you'll know why - I'm "Barry-ing" myself in a good book!

till next time - why am I supposed to want 'hits' on my blog? Who wants to be hit?

Blogger? I don't even know her!

Hi internet!

The name's Matt Longabucco, and while I'm new to bloggerville, I'm not new to sticking my toe out into uncharted waters, so here goes!

This here little web-log (or "blog") is where I plan on tossing in my two cents on all the things that get my goat on a daily basis, with the occasional aside into the wacky world of popular culture. Think of these as my brain droppings, little tidbits-o-Matt, if you will. Mere musings - or, Amusings, if you ask me! Anyhoo, think of these less as Longabuccos as much as (wait for it) SHORTabuccos…

Now…. Here's something as part of our regularly occurring (I hope!) series I like to call "OMGosh!" - true stories from the internet (or as I like to call it, the World WEIRD Web). I don't know if any of you have heard of this yet, but I got wind of it from my nephew and it had me "LOL"ing out loud!!

[HTTP=Nljkds OOFl cood 888934 3.0fd0f9u .3 f]

oops, sorry folks, that wasn't one of my cats walking across the keys, don't worry! the blogging gods want me to 'embed' this video but that's beyond my pay range kids! so here's the "URL" (WTFrak does that even stand for?!) -

Well you have to admit that's the real cat's meOW right there. "Cats today" - am I right? Seriously though - who would have thought of it? I'm sure tons of people will be talking about this in no time, all around the watercooler as they say.

Well, don't ever let em tell ya ol Matt Longabucco didn't keep you in the know of the latest and K R A Z Y ist in the world of the internet.

Next week: when you blog at home, where do you keep a watercooler?!

Hashtag Matt! (my nephew told me to say that, don't ask me what it means!!)